Passion: the best inspiration


My twin daughters turned 9 last week and it got me thinking about how my priorities, my visions and my goals have changed since I became a mom 9 years ago. Everything I thought was important to me did a 180 after my girls came into my life and I unquestioningly gave up of my time, energy and freedom for them. Their health and well-being is now always first and foremost in my mind.

So when they were around 4 years old and started asking for twirly nighties to wear to bed, we went shopping. But all I could find were the 100% polyester ones, nothing like the soft cotton nightgowns my mom made me wear when I was a kid - 'made me wear' because I detested anything girly when I was young and my long-suffering very feminine mother had to bribe me to wear dresses of any sort but that's a whole different story. 

After researching about children's sleepwear, I realized that all loose-fitting nightwear for kids is either made of synthetic material like polyester or is doused in flame-retardant chemicals or both. 
I knew there had to be an alternative so I went looking for it. It took more than one failed attempt, over the span of 2 years, to finally come across the right fabric which is flame retardant and safe without the need for chemicals. 
And it truly was a labour of love. 
I know that if it had been something related to me, I would not really have bothered but because this was for my daughters, I was very driven. It taught me that love is the best motivator. Without loving something, you cannot have true passion and without passion, you cannot be properly inspired. 

Love what you do or love who you do it for. In my case, it's both. 

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