Hello and welcome to my store! 
My name is  Mayoni and I am mom to 3 great  kids - 9 year old twin girls, Héli and Neja and a 4 year old boy, Thej.
Here at Jammiespree, we believe that  children have the right to dream big, that female astronauts and male dancers should be a norm, that boys in pink and girls in blue are gorgeous.
We believe that children have the right to be safe and healthy, that their exposure to harmful substances should be minimized, that their future health depends on this.
Jammiespree was born out of a need. A need for beautiful kids' sleepwear which was soft and comfortable while also being free of chemicals and free of pre-conceived suggestions. 
It all started when my daughters were 4 years old and kept asking for nightgowns for bed. So off we went shopping and soon realized that everything that's available in stores are made of polyester.
So I went home and did some research as to why I couldn't find a single cotton or cotton blend nightgown, which is when I realized that the anti-flammability laws in North America restrict the sale of cotton loose-fitting children's sleepwear.

I found out that the nighties my girls kept asking for were not only made of polyester but also heavily treated with dangerous flame retardants. 

Around this time, I was also noticing how very much colour and print segregated girl and boy clothing were, so much so that when I tried to get a rocketship t-shirt for Héli, she insisted that rocketship prints were only for boys. 
It made me mad that our children were getting subliminal messages from the time they were born, ones that were false and inhibiting.
And so, Jammiespree came to be.

It is still brand new which is why we still only have one print and one style but our goal is to gradually provide both nightgowns and pajamas with varying prints and colours.

I would love to hear from you, whether it`s general comments, questions or suggestions for future prints. Please do drop me a line at jammiespree@gmail.com.

Always dream big!